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Meet Emily Griffin

What a week for Rotary, especially the Boothbay Harbor Rotary Club.  Last Thursday over fifty people joined our weekly “Zoom” meeting to hear an astounding announcement.  Hold onto your hats!!


The Otto and Fran Walter Foundation, located right here in Boothbay Harbor, Me made a gift of $15,500,000 to the Rotary International Peace Centers.  There are currently six Rotary Peace Centers located at prestigious universities throughout the world.  Because of the gift from the Fran and Otto Foundation a new Peace Center will be developed in Northern Africa.  This new Rotary Peace Center will fully fund around twenty scholars a year in a Master’s Degree Program focusing on peacebuilding.  To quote “Rotary believes that if concerned citizens work together to create peace locally, lasting change can happen globally”.


Otto Walter was a lawyer in Munich, Germany who was disbarred by the Nazi regime because he was Jewish.  He immigrated to the United States and became a successful and influential businessman.  He was deeply committed to social justice which is reflected in the mission of the Fran and Otto Walter Foundation.  A Rotary Peace Center in North Africa is a fitting tribute to Fran and Otto’s extraordinary lives.


So, back to regular Boothbay Harbor Rotary news.  Not nearly as exciting, but always a lot going on.


Join Us this Thursday for another”Meet the Family” meeting.  This week we are meeting Chip Griffin's other favorite daughter, Emily Griffin.  Emily works for a truly millennial company called “Toast”, which was recently named the third fastest growing technology company in North America.  Should be another interesting meeting, so Join Us.


Your Board of Directors met last week.  We had a very, very full agenda.  Even in these Pandemic times we sure are doing a lot.  Thank you to all the presenters, board members and guests.  We got through the whole agenda and were only ten minutes overtime, and we still had time to tell stories and laugh a lot.  Ask Laurie Zimmerli what her first job was.  You could never guess.  You’ll laugh a lot too when you find out.


Your Board of Directors is happy to announce the Slate of Officers for the next Rotary year, 2021-2022.  Drum Roll Please….


President - Jeff Long

President Elect - Bruce Harris

Vice President - Tory Paxson

Executive Secretary - Irene Fowle

Recording Secretary - Thomas Marston

Club Treasurer - Brian McGrath

Foundation Treasurer - Bill Prince

Board At Large Members:  Laurie Zimmerli, Deb Graves, Mike Thompson & Alden Wood


What a team.  It’s going to be a great year.  This is the official club announcement and is now open for a club vote.  Please call me or email at if you have any comments or concerns.  If I don’t hear from you I am taking it as a yes vote.  Thank you to the members who agreed to be on the Board of Directors for next year.  A special thank you to Tory Paxson who agreed to delay her term as President-Elect to allow Bruce Harris the opportunity. What an opportunity.  He’ll get to find out all the important things like Laurie Z’s first job right away.


Sadly, Jean Huber has decided to step down after nine years on the Board of Directors, the last seven as Executive Secretary.  We can’t thank her enough for all she has done to keep this club organized.  She has maintained the member database, submitted reports to Rotary International, so much behind the scenes work.  The role of Executive Secretary in the vital club is quite complex.  Jean has accomplished it with grace and thoroughness.  We will also miss her soft spoken and thoughtful presence at our Board Meetings.  Thank you for everything, Jean.


The Board of Directors also approved a new member.  This is the official announcement and open for member approval.  Email me at with any comments or negative votes.  Unless I hear from you I will take it as a positive vote to approve our new member.


Deborah Bronk, CEO of Bigelow Labs, classification Oceanographer


Deborah has presented to us several times and attended several meetings when we were at the clubhouse.  She was our speaker a few months ago on “Zoom”.  After the meeting she emailed me and asked to join.  We are delighted to have her as a member of the club.


Oh, this is the month to buy reusable bags at Hannaford.  Our club gets a dollar for every bag you buy.  But, it is only one of their large selection of reusable bags.  Buyer Beware!


Clubrunner is now active and wonderful.  Thank you Vic Taylor, Jim Herbold, Brian McGrath for making this happen.  Please log in, admire it and edit your profile.


Well, lots to say this week.  Hope to see you Thursday when we welcome Emily Griffin and hear about her work at “Toast”.