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2023!  How did that happen!


Well, we sure did a lot together in 2022. 


Our club had another great year together.  Another successful year at the Big Gray Rotary Barn.  We transformed our neighbors' donations into support for organizations like Boothbay Resource Council, the Woodchucks, Boothbay VETS, Partner’s for World Health and Safe Passage.  We continued our soup project, now over 3300 pints of soup donated by us to the Food Pantry.  We had fun making 220 Christmas Goody Bags for the kids at the Food Pantry and Food for Thought.  That, and so much more.


We supported a dynamic, involved Interact club, now led by Sarah Clark, Deb's daughter and our own President Bruce Harris..  How lucky can we and the students get.  What a team.


We shared our joys and concerns, supporting each other through the personal events of life.  We have made good friendships through our club and are there for one another.  Lucky us.


Some of us had fun traveling to Spain for a Rotary Friendship Exchange. The rest of us enjoyed hearing about it one Thursday night while dining on Paella and drinking Cava.  Great job with the Paella, Amy.


We welcomed many new wonderful members who are already engaged.


Yes, we had fun.  Why, we even started an official “Fun” Committee.  Lead by Karen P and Laurie Z.  (What can go wrong?)  They sure know how to do a “Party”.  Christmas was a blast, as was our first and not last Octoberfest.  Like I said, what can go wrong.


And, we laughed together.  We are great at laughing together.  Moving furniture down three flights of stairs, freezing at the barn in December, cleaning up the clubhouse after a party, Board meetings on Zoom.  Whoever said laughter is the best medicine was listening to us do “Thankful Dollars”.  


Thank you all for making 2022 kinder, funnier, more meaningful and engaged.  Especially, thank you for the laughter.    


So, off to 2023……


Our own Marty Helman will be our speaker this Thursday.  She has two possible, fabulous  topics she could discuss, Rotary Peace Centers or what it’s like to be on the “Big” Rotary Foundation Board.   Come find out which topic she chooses.  Anyway, we are so lucky to learn about either one.  (I wonder if the “Big” Rotary Board laughs as much as we do?)


Jim Herbold will be sending out the January dues statement soon.  One of the privileges for being part of this Rotary club.  Thank you Jim,  and let us know if you don’t get one.  We don’t want anyone to feel left out.


Hope to see you Thursday night for the start of 2023.


People Power

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