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Happy Winter

Winter is definitely here.  The Holidays are over which makes some of us glad, others miss the lights and hub-bub.  Lucky for us we have Rotary to help us drive the cold winter away.  Last Thursday’s meeting was full of laughter and camaraderie as usual.  Just what we need during these short winter days.  However, we have gained almost a half an hour of daylight since December 21.  Bring it on.

Welcome Charlotte

Last Thursday we welcomed Charlotte Jameson as our first new member for 2023.  The Membership Committee, led by Linda Clapp, had a banner year in 2022 welcoming many new and engaged members.  They are off to a great start this year.  Charlotte immediately signed up for the Program Committee.  Nothing like jumping in, Hooray Charlotte.

Medicare Information

Jack Coen, Past President of the Gardiner Rotary Club, was our speaker last week.  He is a Medicare Specialist and spoke to us about this topic, which is near and dear to many members of our club.  Jack is a dynamic speaker and made the topic interesting and informative.

Up Next Week

This week we are welcoming local lobsterman and sailmaker, Eben Wilson.  He is going to talk about “Fishing Industry Concerns about Offshore Windmills”.  Eben has been a lobsterman for many years and brings that perspective to this timely topic.  Several members requested a program on this topic.  Eben was then recommended by other members.  If you have ideas for speakers or programs email Irene at

Missing Jacket

One of our guests last week discovered her jacket was missing from the coat rack at the end of the night.  It is a black, women’s, goose down jacket.  She thinks Eddie Bauer, but might be Land’s End.  There was a different black jacket there, so someone inadvertently grabbed the wrong jacket.  Please notify Irene if you picked up Sally’s jacket at or just leave it back on the coat rack.  It’s pretty cold out there.  She would love her jacket back.

Program Committee

The Program committee is meeting this Saturday, January 21, at 9:00 at the Clubhouse.  Party planning is on the agenda, along with planning for speakers or other events.  Coffee will be served.  Come join us.

Your Dues are Due

Don’t forget your dues are due.  Just send your check for $142.00 to Boothbay Harbor Rotary Club, PO Box 518, Boothbay Harbor, Me 04538.  It will do your heart good.

People Power

Last, but not least…People Power.  You can sign up right here in the convenience of your own home on this email under “Quick Links”, then People Power.  You will make Jim Herbold’s day.  Barbara Thornton has been in the club for a while, apprehensively signed up for Sergeant of Arms and has rocked it.  You too can join the People Power fun, sign up early, sign up often.