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Russell Hampton
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This week we heard from Brian McGrath and Bill Prince on the finances of the Club and Foundation. The Club maintains a strong financial footing despite not having had in person meetings for over a year, hence no dinner income or Turpentine Club. The Foundation has had a terrific year since we started to sell out of the barn on Saturdays rather than our auction. This last year we have brought in over $100,000 from selling out of the barn, or close to double our net intake from the auction. Thanks to Brian and Bill for a clear, concise presentation.


Several members have mentioned they need new Rotary collar style T-Shirts, so Marty Helman has agreed to place an order.  Just let her know size, color, short sleeve or long sleeve.  We will have a sign-up sheet at our meeting.


We are placing an order of regular cotton t-shirts for our volunteers at the barn. That will help everyone know who works there and who are the customers.  So, if you want one of these, no cash exchanged, just come work at the barn.  


Soup for the Food Pantry has been a huge success, so, we're continuing through the summer.  Judi White will be looking for a packing assistant every other Thursday.  Hope you can join her for this fun project.


This coming Thursday evening we will host Friends of Thai Daughters. Please join us.