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Summer in Maine
Ah!  Summer in Maine, don’t we look forward to it all year.  So what if it’s only 50 degrees and pouring rain.  Soon we’ll all be complaining about the heat.  (I can hardly wait.)
You can join us this Thursday June 3, at 6:00 pm no matter the weather.  We’ll be meeting on Zoom again, but not on the same old link.  In-coming President Jeff Long is now the keeper of the Rotary Club Zoom account.  Look for the new Zoom Meeting link from his account on your email in the Wednesday and Thursday Club Runner Announcement.  The new Zoom link can always be found on our website home page near the bottom of the left column after you login. My account is so last year.
Then, Thursday June 10 at 5:30 PM we are meeting outside at our Clubhouse.  We’ll set up on our big, back deck and gorgeous back lawn.  We traditionally don’t use our deck and lawn often, but if there has ever been a time to change tradition this year has been it.  We’ll have appetizers and drinks on the deck.  Set up tables and chairs on our lovely lawn.  Rain date is June 17.
Jeff and the Membership Committee are busy making plans for the Change Over Party on July 1st.  More on that later, but Alice Mutch and Sandra Leonard have a wonderful idea for a way to make this party even more special. Instead of an Art Exhibit on the wall, a show of our talents.
From Alice Mutch:  
During this last Covid year many of us and our partners have been working on special projects or exploring new talents to keep us busy.
Did you or your partner make something new or restore something old -  a model, a quilt, a picture, a chair or other furniture, jewelry, genealogy, iron work, a boat, crafts,  writings, knitting,  pottery?
Sandra and I are asking each of you to bring samples of your efforts to decorate our club for the changeover party and possibly the following  3 weeks.
Don’t Be Shy, share your efforts and have some fun. We will have a prize for “best effort.”
Contact Sandra or Alice to plan delivery and set up any time before June 30th.
Construction on the barn addition will probably start sometime this week.  Please take extra care and caution around the barn during construction.  Hat’s off to Mike Thompson and his crew for making this possible.
The big, grey barn is open every Saturday from 8:30 to 11:00.  We’re doing pick-ups every week, so there is always new furniture, tools, household goods and collectibles.  To arrange a pick up call Deb at 207-380-3550.  She’ll make arrangements for one of our friendly, hard working pick up crews to come to your home.
Saturday morning at the barn sure is busy, so we could use your help. Come join us, bring your friends, family, visitors from away, etc.  They won’t be bored or worry about what you do with yourself in this small town.  There’s a lot to do, but we sure have fun.  It will be great to see you and your family, friends, and visitors from away.
If you know anyone who needs a bike for the summer this is the latest from the Bike Committee. 
The Boothbay Harbor Rotary Club will again be providing bikes for seasonal workers who will be working in the Boothbay Region this summer season. These bikes can be obtained at the Rotary Club Barn located at: 66 Montgomery Road, Boothbay Harbor. To make arrangements for obtaining a bike please call Rick at 860-670-6471 or Seth at 207-633-2069. As the season progresses and the volume of workers increases to pre-pandemic levels we will consider resuming our previously set pick up time on Saturday mornings but until that decision is made please call Rick or Seth to schedule a time. Thanks.
The Vidalia Onions are in.  Don't forget to pick yours up at Doug Harley's barn at 361 Back River Road this week.  His lovely sign "Onion Pick Up Here" is at the end of his driveway.
Hope to see you on Jeff’s Zoom account this Thursday.