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Russell Hampton
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Change-Over Party


Summer in Maine sure is a special time, soft warm breezes, green grass, long warm, sunny days and most importantly the Boothbay Harbor Rotary Club Change-Over Party.  Yes, the Change-Over Party is this Thursday July 1st at 6:00 pm at the Rotary Clubhouse.  We’re going back to our usual 6:00 start time.  We’re also returning to pre-pandemic meeting format, sitting at tables, eating real dinner, hearing interesting speakers, sergeant-at-arms, but most importantly, having fun while accomplishing our goals together.  But, no speaker this week.  


This week I will pass the gavel and the all important “Zoom” account onto Incoming President Jeff Long.  Should be a fun meeting, especially for me.  I hear the fabulous “Rotations” might be making a guest appearance and regale us with their latest hit song. We’re having a good, old fashioned cook-out:hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, cole slaw and all the fixings.  Probably won’t surprise you, but Russ and Cathy Pinkham, of Pinkham's Gourmet Market have donated all the food for this  Change Over Party. So we’ll be having the tastiest cook-out possible.   Thank you Russ and Cathy, this is so very generous of you. So, come, bring your family and friends. July 1st at 6:00 PM.  


From Alice Mutch:  We are so happy that  we all have survived and learned from a challenging year and a half of covid threats. During that time, did you have some way of working on any project that you  might share with the club? We are asking all of you to bring something to place on or near a table to let us know what you are working on: genealogy? Painting? Reading a favorite book?   Learning to construct something? Quilting? Knitting? Writing? Iron work? Pottery? Sail making? Sewing? Bring anything that will tell the club about you and/ or your partner I’ll be at the clubhouse THIS TUESDAY 1-3 TO HELP YOU SET UP WHATEVER LARGE or Small ITEM YOU HAVE.  If you cannot make Tuesday, give me a call to make time for you before Thursday.


Remember “People Power”, well it’s back.  Since we’re meeting weekly again we need waiters, innkeepers, scribes, etc weekly.  So, you have the opportunity of signing up for “People Power” again.  I know you missed it this last year.  Jim Herbold is the chairperson now, thank you Jim.  You can now sign up in the comfort of your own home by going to the BBH Rotary Club website or by paper at a meeting.  We even have a “People Power” sign up now for Saturday Morning at the Big, Grey Rotary Barn.  


Saturday morning at the Big, Grey Rotary Barn sure has been busy and fun too.  We’re open from 8:30 to 11:00 every Saturday.  We’re meeting a lot of our great neighbors, selling a lot of “stuff” and also preventing it from filling up our landfills.  By providing an opportunity in our community for re-cycling and re-homing our neighbors household goods, tools, furniture, boats and collectibles the Boothbay Harbor Rotary Club is supporting our local environment and are quite actively addressing one of the Rotary International focuses of service, supporting the environment.  Rotary International allocated more than $18,000,000 in environment-related projects last year, all from your financial support of the Rotary Foundation.  Sales at the Rotary Barn not only support our local environment by re-homing household goods, but your donations help support many  local and international organizations like;  Camp Knickerbocker Scholarships, Homeless Veterans Project, Friends of Thai Daughters, Boothbay Region Food Pantry and scholarships for students pursuing academic and vocational training.


If you want to help and have donations please text Deb Graves at 207-380-3550.  She will arrange a drop off or a pick up by one of our wonderful, hard working pick up crews.  And, thank you for your donations. Your generosity is another example of why we’re so lucky to live in this wonderful, caring community..


Onions, Onions, don't forget to get your Onion money in. We sold a lot of sweet, Georgia onions. We just need to get all the payment checks this month to balance this fiscal year.


Looking forward to seeing you all this Thursday and I know President Jeff Long is too. (I like the sound of that.)  We are so lucky to be welcoming Jeff as Club President for this year.  Come and show him your support.  It will be such fun to see you all too.  It was a long winter, but we made it through.  Summer is definitely here, time to celebrate together.  -- Irene


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