This Annual History of the Boothbay Harbor Rotary Club, 1939-1999, may be the only annual history of a Rotary club, or perhaps any community-oriented organization, anywhere.

This 60 year history is a rich treasure trove of information and stories that not only chronicle much of the long legacy of the Boothbay Harbor Rotary club, but also detail much of what was going on in Rotary, Maine, the United States, and our world for over the past half century.

The history is only possible because we have our own clubhouse, with more incentive to squirrel treasures away, and less incentive to throw things out. It is also only possible due to the dedicated work of local historian and club charter member, Harold B. Clifford, who authored this history until his death in 1987.

Since then, Rotarian Chip Griffin has maintained the tradition, scribing not only the history of our club, but also doing the research needed every year to chronicle the stories of our Lifetime Service Award winners.  To view the Boothbay Harbor Club history, click here.