Per Attendance Record for Period January through June 1940
Boothbay Harbor's charter Rotarians gather in 1939 for a formal picture. We particularly like their plaid socks, which set off their sincere suits. We also note that the only things that haven't changed in the intervening 70 years is the picture of Paul Harris, which still adorns our Clubhouse wall, and the name badges, which are still big, gaudy and round.

Leslie "Bill" Blake *                           Wilder Blake *
Harold Clifford  *                              John Dorr *
Walter Dunton  *                              Arthur Greenleaf
Norman Greenleaf                           Philip Gregory
Nathaniel Grover *                           Reginald Harris
Clifton Hartung                                 Saul Hayes *
Wesley Hyde                                      Arthur Jellison
George Nevens **                            Blenn Perkins *
Thomas Proctor                                Clifford Reny

** served as founding president
* later served as club president