Sweet Vidalia onions! They are as sure a sign of spring in Boothbay Harbor as black flies and mud season. For a number of years we have sold 25-pound bags of sweet onions as a fundraiser, and over that time we’ve shared recipes and hints for storage! In 2007, the Boothbay Register’s own cooking connoisseur, Paula Anderson, joined the act and helped us publicize the sale with plenty of delicious ideas. Her recipes are shared on these pages, along with a few special recipes from Muriel Jacobson and other Rotary chefs. Meanwhile, the storage tips come straight from Bland Farms, which bills itself as the world’s largest grower of Vidalia Sweet Onions (1-800-VIDALIA).  Now you know!




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It is VERY important to get the onions out of their mesh bag so they can breathe and dry out. They will spoil within a month or two if just left in the bag!! So, to make them last all Summer and into the Fall, try on of the following methods:


Wrap onions individually in tissue paper, paper towel or newspaper and store in refrigerator. Be sure onions are dry before storing in paper.




Store in the legs of sheer panty hose and tie a knot between each onion. Hang in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area. Cut below knot when ready for use.




Freeze them! Chop and place on a cookie sheet in the freezer. When frozen, remove and place in freezer containers or bags. Freezing changes the onion’s texture, so frozen onions should be used in cooking only. Jumbos may be peeled, washed, cored and dropped into a plastic bag.  Whole frozen Vidalia’s can be baked.