Check Dam Rejuvenates Land for Agriculture

In 2019, the Club joined a multi-club effort to build a check dam at Kothur in southern India. The dam is located on formerly agricultural land that, as a result of overpopulation and climate change, has become desertified. The rain still falls during the monsoon season, but without the dam, it runs off the land too quickly to support crops or livestock. The idea of the check dam is to hold the water back for enough months to provide irrigation for crops and drinking water for animals and the local inhabitants. The dam is one of a succession along the river that is renewing and repairing the soil. Our partners on this project included the Bangalore Rotary Club in India and the Hollis-Brookline Club in New Hampshire.



Granite signs erected at the three Check Dams that were recently completed in the State of Karnataka, India, and that are helping over 25000 farmers to farm their lands around the year.



A Hindu religious ceremony kicks off work on the check dam in early 2021.

Kuther Dam Construction


Marty Helman joins with Rotarians from the Bangalore Rotary Club

to see how a check dam can restore greenery

that lasts even in the dry season.

Click Here to see video of the Check Dam