Club Rotarian of the Year

We couldn't do what we do without the involvement and can-do volunteerism of all of us! Still, it's become our custom each year to celebrate one of our own for the extra-special work they do that keeps the Rotary Club humming. Here's our list of Club Rotarians of the Year.
1996-97  Neil Ames
1997-98  David M. Duggan
1999-00  Robert J. Walter
2000-01  Gloria F. Walter
2005-06  Frank G. Helman
2006-07  Vivienne Daniels
2006-07  Judy deGraw
2007-08  Martha Peak Helman
2008-09  Daren and Debbie Graves
2009-10  Doug Roberts
2010-11  Jim Botti
2011-12  Mike Thompson
2012-13  Connie Jones
2013-14  Debbie and Daren Graves
2014-15 Jonathan B. Tindal
2015-16 Mike Thompson
2016-17 Doug Harley
2017-18 Irene C. Fowle
2018-19 Brian McGrath
2019-20 Linda Clapp
2020-21 Debbie Graves and Laurie Zimmerli
2021-22 Linda Clapp