The recent years we’ve taken over the Boosters refreshment stand during the Seahawks football Seniors Night. This gives the Boosters parents a chance to stand on the sidelines and cheer on the team, and it gives us a chance to discuss just how lurid the various colors of Gatorade truly are. In 2007 our sales of refreshments and 50/50 tickets netted the Boosters a cool $713, and the previous year saw the creation of the original Billy Roll.  (We won’t explain it in any more detail than that – you truly had to be there, and even then, truth to tell, it doesn’t make much sense.)




But on this we can all agree: Selling hot dogs and cheering on the Seahawks makes for a fun evening, raising money to build an improved refreshment booth on the field is a good idea (running water would be nice), and if asked, we will be happy to staff another "Seniors night" at a Seahawks football game ... next year!